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MEDAS Software Solutions (MEDAS) is a one-stop shop for all your healthcare related IT service requirements. With a vast experience in the applied field, MEDAS has proven to be a reliable solutions provider and is now ranked as one of the market leading vendors of healthcare IT services. Our dedicated development teams, sales units and support centres continue to operate in the Middle East (with the headquarters located in Dubai, UAE) and have a promising expansion strategy to cater to potential client requirements in the North and East African region and the Far East Asian countries.

MEDAS, as an organisation, is the result of extensive, immeasurable hard work put in by our dynamic team of veteran and skilful individuals. The synchronization, coordination and discipline with which services are rendered by our team are unparalleled. Client Engagement, Quality Service and Transparency being the cornerstones at MEDAS, our team is dedicated towards providing comprehensive and undisputable solutions to all your healthcare software requirements. We ensure adequate client engagement in order to understand their needs and provide customized solutions to adapt to their organizational settings. The freedom to work in tandem with our support centres clubbed with our ever-improving information systems enables the client management team to make informed decisions in the field of operations and systems management.

Our constant drive to innovate helps us in offering new, adaptable and customizable solutions to the healthcare industry. With the sector constantly evolving and encompassing technological advances, MEDAS offers efficiently tailored software solutions to stay up-to-date with industry requirements. Being a customer driven organization, MEDAS constantly strives to provide optimum services to its clients, resulting in long term partnerships that help in achieving high levels of productivity and improved processes management.